Roadfood Favorites in Miami


With ready access to fresh seafood, a thriving population of cooks from Latin America, and culinary culture that’s both tradition-minded and cutting-edge, Miami is a great place to eat. Among Roadfood favorites are exemplary Cuban food in the Little Havana part of town, smokin’ urban BBQ, Caribbean ice cream, and fabulous surprises up Fort Lauderdale way.


Miami Smokers

Miami Smokers' artisan smoke-cooked BBQ is classic fare with a modern edge. The restaurant is a serious venture, but a fun place with urban-hip vibe.


La Cameronera

Known for big, crisp-fried shrimp, La Cameronera is a tremendously popular Miami seafood market / cafe with a Cuban accent.


El Cristo

El Cristo is popular among Miami's Little Havana visitors who seek beautifully rendered traditional Cuban cooking, simple or deluxe.


Azucar Ice Cream Company

In the heart of Little Havana, Azucar Ice Cream Company makes a spectacular array of colorful ice creams in familiar and exotic tropical flavors.


Arahi’s Bakery

Open by dawn, Arahi's is a friendly neighborhood bakery with cakes, pastries, plated hot breakfast, and strong Cuban coffee, all at bargain prices.


El Mago de las Fritas

El Mago is a happy neighborhood diner serving the unique Miami sandwich known as a frita: a vividly-spiced ground beef patty on a Cuban roll.


925 Nuevos Cubanos

A high-spirited juice bar, restaurant, art gallery, and good-times environment, 925 Nuevos Cubanos is a brilliant taste of south Florida's Cuban culture.


Sonny’s Famous Steak Hogies

Brash, bustling Sonny's of Hollywood, Florida, is a destination for seekers of Philly cheese steaks, cold hoagies, burgers, pizza, and hospitable counter sass.


Tom Jenkins BBQ

Soulful BBQ at Tom Jenkins features spare ribs as well as baby backs, plus sausage, chopped pork, brisket, & turkey breast. It's a Fort Lauderdale treasure.