Roadfood Eats Asheville, North Carolina


The restaurants of Asheville, North Carolina, reflect both new-age nostrums and traditional Blue Ridge Mountain cookery. Vegetarians and vegans, gluten-frees and keto devotees all will find happiness, but so will hungry carnivores and lovers of downhome Dixie dining. On recent visits, we’ve been most impressed by the city’s bakeries, where old-world technique and modern culinary virtues add up to a spectacular repertoire of breads, pastries, pies, and donuts.


Well-Bred Bakery & Cafe

For breakfast, brunch, lunch or dessert in Asheville's Biltmore Village, the breezy Well-Bred Bakery & Cafe is a winner. Quiches & pastries are extraordinary.


Moose Cafe

A restaurant boasting affiliation with the Asheville farmers market, Moose Cafe serves traditional southern fare from biscuits & apple butter to fruit cobbler.


OWL Bakery

Asheville's charming artful bakery features naturally leavened breads, blue-ribbon pastries, light breakfast & lunch, coffee, tea & wine.


Hole Hot Doughnuts and Fresh Coffee

Donuts are made to order in this well-crafted image of a vintage shop where the repertoire is limited to 4 flavors daily. Locally-roasted coffee is terrific.


Foothills Butcher Bar

From thick slices of bologna to juicy burgers to creamy bacon-wrapped pâté to pickles and even ketchup, everything at Butcher Bar is house-made and delicious.


Simple Cafe & Juice Bar

West Asheville’s Simple Cafe & Juice Bar is all about organic ingredients in breakfast burritos, egg sandwiches, and strawberry muffins with thyme.


Biscuit Head

Great knobby cat head biscuits -- crisp on top, creamy in the middle -- are the foundation for a rainbow of southern-accented breakfast and lunch.


Gourmet Chip Company

Snack food redefined, Gourmet chips are deluxe spud discs that become a foundation for creative flights of fancy toppings & a side dish to lovely sandwiches.


Smoky Park Supper Club

Smoky Park's fried chicken sandwich is served on a soft bun with pimento cheese. Don't miss the perfect-bite Bulgogi bowl and, on Sunday, a side of live music.


Bone & Broth

Just north of downtown Asheville, North Carolina, Bone & Broth serves blue-ribbon steaks, high-class comfort food, and expertly mixed cocktails.


Ultimate Ice Cream Company

Milk from local cows is used to make small-batch artisan ice cream in flavors plain and fancy. Sundaes are available with wonderful toppings.


White Duck Taco

Mexico is the inspiration for some of White Duck's tacos, but most are a fascinating fusion that reflects flavors of the world, from Buffalo, NY to Thailand.