The Best (Real) Burnt Ends in Kansas City


The Real Thing

Barbecue’s newfound nationwide popularity has put burnt ends on menus across the country, but in all too many cases, the burnt ends are bogus. The best burnt ends in Kansas City are genuine cutting-board scraps: crunchy edges, veins of fat, shreds, and debris that fall from slices destined to be served on plates or in a sandwich.


At their best, they are a lascivious indulgence — barbecue at its most nutritionally incorrect. Burnt ends have become popular enough that when there aren’t enough scraps to be found on the cutting board, some places purposely shave the edges of brisket (or pork shoulder) to create them. This is not necessarily a horrible thing, but in general, such artificially created burnt ends are too dense and meaty to deliver the wanton succulence of the real thing.

Where in Kansas

While good burnt ends can be found in Phoenix (in the beans at Little Miss BBQ) and even in the northeast (at Big W’s Roadside Barbecue), they are at their best in Kansas City, where they first were recognized as a regional specialty, sometimes known there as brownies. Try them at these four locations below to get a taste of true burnt ends.


Woodyard Bar-B-Que

Woodyard's BBQ burnt ends are available in a sandwich or as the topping for chili. One of Kansas City’s best smoke-house restaurants.


Gates Bar-B-Q

A slick appearance and comfortable dining room belies the fact that Gates really is a cafeteria with sassy (but friendly) service, and real Kansas City BBQ.


L C’s Bar-B-Q

LC's is one of the great BBQ restaurants in Kansas City. The legendary burnt ends sandwich is immense. Fresh-cut French fries are first rate.



Snead's is a wood-paneled BBQ at the outskirts of Kansas City that makes superb meats of all kind: sliced pork, beef brisket, ribs, zesty burnt ends.

Must Eats