Quebec’s Casse-Croûtes


Few of the memorable dishes one encounters at the casse-croûtes (snack bars) of Quebec, between the Laurentians and the Gaspé Peninsula, are notably exotic. There’s poutine, of course (French fries topped with gravy and cheese curds), but hot dogs, hamburgers, smoked meat, and fried dough all are cognates of familiar stateside fare. However, north of the border, they flaunt unique personalities. And the region’s magnificent pommes frites – foundation of all poutine – are themselves incentive for a casse-croûte road trip. In fact, another colloquial name for the casse-croûte is cabane à patates (spud shack).


Chez Micheline

Chez Micheline is a Quebec snack bar serving excellent poutine, les hot dogs "Michigan" and a bowl of comfort called nouilles chinoise. All tables are outdoors.


Casse-Croûte du Vieux Moulin

This ragtag, eat-in-the-rough casse-croûte (snack bar) serves exemplary poutine and the Quebec sandwich known as guedille. French fries are superb.


Cantine Bernard

This friendly Quebec snack bar has earned honors for its poutine and burgers since 1961. Try Cantine Bernard's locally loved guedille sandwich.

Must Eats

Patate Ben-Venue

One of the top casse-croutes (snack bars) of Quebec, Patate Ben-Venue serves the best French fries along with fine cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and corn dogs.


Le Roy Jucep

Claiming to be the place where poutine was invented, Le Roy Jucep offers a dozen different variations on the signature dish of Quebec.


Le P’tit Stop

One of Quebec's colorful casse-croûtes (snack bars) on the Trans-Canada Highway, Le P'tit Stop serves half-pound hamburgers and some great desserts.