Best Po Boys in New Orleans and Beyond

by Michael Stern

New Orleans is where the po boy sandwich first was conceived, and where it’s at its best. In addition to NOLA favorites, this list also includes a few must-eat versions outside the city along the Gulf Coast.

How does a po boy differ from a sub, hero, hoagie, grinder, wedge, or zep? First, there’s the bread, which is lighter and fluffier than the chewy loaves used in most northern versions; then there is a roster of ingredients seldom found in sandwiches outside of southern Louisiana. These include fried shrimp, crawfish, and/or oysters, roast beef debris (meat-laced gravy), and Creole mustard.


Parkway Bakery & Tavern

The Parkway is one of New Orleans' top po boy destinations, especially notable for its great roast beef and/or gravy sandwiches.


Domilise’s Po-Boys

Domilise's is one of New Orleans' must-eat restaurants, a corner shop known for superior po boy sandwiches. Shrimp, oysters, and catfish are especially good.


Killer Po Boys

An iconoclastic restaurant in the heart of the French Quarter, Killer calls its fare “internationally inspired, chef-crafted New Orleans style sandwiches.”



Expertly-made toasted po boys put Villager's on the good-eats map of Cajun country. Best ingredients: pot roast and meatballs. Great French fries, too.


Chickorys Coffee & Cafe

A friendly Cajun coffee shop with lattes and smoothies, Chickorys also serves great gumbo, brisket sandwiches and outstanding white chocolate bread pudding.



At the back of an ordinary-looking Marathon gas station in Biloxi, Fayard's serves some of the best po boy sandwiches along Mississippi's Gulf Coast.


Fisherman’s Wife

This charming Carrabelle town cafe on Florida's Gulf Coast really is run by a fisherman's wife. Count on impeccable local seafood and perfect Key lime pie.


Big Daddy’s Grill

Big Daddy's serves some of the best fried seafood in south Alabama, next to the Fish River. Those in the know go for the soft shell crabs or crawfish.



A blue-collar cafeteria with blue-ribbon Creole fare, Mother's serves New Orleans classics with style and sass, three meals a day. Red beans and rice, please!