Pizza Nation


Is there another dish as malleable as pizza? It can be an utterly simple tomato pie – nothing but sauce on crust – or it can be a multi-meat bomb, a veggie special, an Hawaiian pie topped with pineapple and Spam, deep dish or thin crust, skimpy or swanky. Traveling around the USA, a devoted pizzaphile will find at least two dozen distinct regional styles. Among the standouts are deep dish at Pizzeria Uno, Ohio Valley at Beto’s, Neapolitan at Apizza di Napoli, Detroit at Cloverleaf Restaurant and Bar, New Mexican at Golden Crown Panaderia, pizza subs at the Shortstop Deli, Old Forge at Salerno’s, New Jersey tomato pie at De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies, upstate New York bakery style at Roma Sausage & Deli, vintage Greenwich Village at John’s Pizzeria, original thin-crust by-the-slice New York at Patsy’s Pizzeria, ultra-thin hot oil at Colony Grill, Greek at Jordan’s, white clam at Zuppardi’s, New Haven style at Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana, Portuguese bakery at Marzilli’s Bakery, Boston at Santarpio’s, St. Louis at Riley’s Pub, BBQ at Coletta’s, Wisconsin extra cheese at Winghaven Pizza Farm and grandma pie at Gino’s Pizza.


Pizzeria Uno

Forget Uno outlets in other cities. The original is in a class by itself, its pizzas a virtual crustbowl of sauce, cheese, and superb sausage. A Chicago best.

Must Eats


Unique regional pizza. Each bite is 1/2 baked crust & gooey cheese, 1/2 room-temp toppings & unmelted cheese. Beto's weird juxtaposition verges on addictive.


Cloverleaf Restaurant and Bar

In the complicated lineage of Detroit pizza, Cloverleaf is likely the closest to the original, and one of the few places with a true parlor atmosphere.


Golden Crown Panadería

Green chile bread is worth a detour to this squat bakery near Old Town Albuquerque. New Mexico’s state cookie, biscochitos, are great, as are pizzas.


Shortstop Deli

More convenience store than sit-down eatery, Shortstop Deli is the only place in Ithaca you can count on a Hot Truck pizza sub any time of day, year-around.



Salerno’s Old Forge-style white pizza is a Pennsylvania-only specialty, made with light, airy crust and Italian-American toppings. Try the double-cruster.


De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies

Some of the best pizza anywhere is made in New Jersey at De Lorenzo's, where the crust is thin and crisp and the toppings are perfectly balanced.

John’s Pizzeria

John’s Pizzeria

Cooked in a vintage coal-fired oven, John's pizza has a perfect chewy-crunchy crust. It's a New York City Greenwich Village landmark.

Must Eats
Patsy’s Pizzeria

Patsy’s Pizzeria

Patsy's pizza is a New York classic with thin crust and smoky, coal-oven flavor. Have a slice al fresco on the sidewalk or dine at tables inside the restaurant.


Colony Grill

Pizza at Connecticut's Colony Grill is so thin it's brittle. There is real oomph to the crust, and luscious crunch unlike any other pizza. Try hot oil topping!



Jordan's is a one-menu-fits-all restaurant/diner/pizzeria with Italian and Greek specialties including Greek-style pizza with a yeasty, crisp crust.


Roseland Apizza

Roseland is a family-run restaurant in Derby, Connecticut, famous for huge portions of Italian-American food, including superb New Haven-style pizza.


Marzilli’s Bakery

A much-loved bakery in Fall River, Marzilli's is most famous for big sub sandwiches on house-made bread.


Riley’s Pub

Riley's is a St. Louis corner tavern with a full pub menu that includes the city's unique style of pizza with cracker-thin crust and topping of Provel cheese.

Must Eats


Coletta's is an old-style Italian-American restaurant in Memphis that supplements a menu of spaghetti and parmigianas with BBQ pizza and BBQ salad.


Winghaven Pizza Farm

Winghaven offers Wisconsin-style pizza (extra-extra cheese) on cracker-thin crust cooked in a brick oven on a pastoral corn farm.


Gino’s Pizza

Gino's bakes some of New York's best pizzas. Available crusts are traditional thin, medium-sized "grandma pie," and Sicilian-thick.

Roma Sausage & Deli

Roma Sausage & Deli

We like Roma for its bakery-style pizza -- a thick-crusted tomato pie made without mozzarella, all about the interplay of tomato sauce and crust.


Zuppardi’s Apizza

New Haven, Connecticut pizza is great. Zuppardi's of West Haven may be even better: the best white clam pizza on earth. House-made sausage, too.


Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana

The granddaddy of New Haven pizzerias, Pepe's is best known for its coal oven's chewy, full-flavored thin crust. And for superb, simple white clam pies.