Pancake Pantheon


Pancakes are common. Good pancakes are rare. Great pancakes can be the highlight of a road trip. Here are 10 iconic places to enjoy them at their best.


Polly’s Pancake Parlor

Pancakes are made from stoneground flours or cornmeal and served with elegant maple syrup, plus maple sugar. maple hurricane sauce & smooth maple spread.



Dot's is a best-of-Vermont town cafe serving from-scratch square meals, great burgers, and memorably fruity berry pancakes at breakfast.


Blue Heaven

House motto: "Blue Heaven: you don’t have to die to get there." The outdoor terrace is a magical place for breakfast (or lunch or supper) on Key West.


Pancake Pantry

Best pancakes in Nashville, Tennessee: pancakes of sweet potato with cinnamon cream; Caribbean buttermilk; wild blueberry; Swiss chocolate ... and so much more.


Walker Brothers Pancake House

Must eats at Walker Bros: German pancake and apple pancake, puffed high above the plate. This Wilmette branch of the national chain might be the best of all.


Al’s Breakfast

Al's serves the best imaginable diner breakfast in Minneapolis's Dinkytown. Pancakes are wonderful, with or without blueberries, nuts or sweet corn niblets.


Grove Cafe

Plate-wide pancakes put the Grove Cafe of Ames, Iowa, on the Roadfood map. For hearty meals with lots of local color, it's a restaurant experience not to miss.

Must Eats


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Du-Par's in the Los Angeles Farmer's Market is a fantastic destination for a snack, a stack of pancakes, or a chicken pot pie.


Bette’s Oceanview Diner

Gorgeous souffle pancakes at Bette's diner in Berkeley are a taste of heaven. A Bay area breakfast best!


Original Pancake House

The 1st Original Pancake House in Portland serves the best pancakes imaginable. Everything is first rate, from rich cream for coffee to thick-cut bacon.