Where to Get the Best Authentic New York Pizza


Throughout New York City, countless storefront joints sell pizza by the slice; and some of it is pretty good. But if you are looking for a whole pizza pie — a great Gotham classic with thin, chewy crust, sweet tomato sauce, fatty mozzarella, and first-rate toppings — these five Roadfood favorites, all on the Island of Manhattan, provide finger-glistening satisfaction. It is said that Patsy’s on the Upper East Side is the place that first thought of selling pizza by the slice. At both Patsy’s listed here (the other on West 74th Street) as well as at John’s and Lombardi’s (arguably, America’s first pizzeria), a coal oven is key.


Patsy’s Pizzeria

Patsy's pizza is a New York classic with thin crust and smoky, coal-oven flavor. Have a slice al fresco on the sidewalk or dine at tables inside the restaurant.


Patsy’s Pizzeria

A coal-fired oven at Patsy's yields classic northeastern Italian-American pizzas. An essential New York experience.


Joe’s Pizza

Good traditional, non-artisan pizzas taste fine at Joe's downtown in New York. Their crust is thin, sauce light and tomatoey, cheese dairy-sweet and toasty.

Must Eats

John’s Pizzeria

Cooked in a vintage coal-fired oven, John's pizza has a perfect chewy-crunchy crust. It's a New York City Greenwich Village landmark.

Must Eats


America's first pizzeria, Lombardi's is a New York institution that uses a coal-fired oven to cook Neapolitan-American pizzas with chewy crust.