Migas is one of the nation’s great regional breakfasts. It is a Tex-Mex scramble of eggs along with broken-up tortillas that range from crunchy to cornbread-soft, and it also can include sausage, tomato, and a mantle of melted cheese. Unlike a grab-and-go breakfast taco, it comes on a plate and demands a fork.


Avalon Diner

Eating at Houston's Avalon Diner is a happy event. Hamburgers dressed with tomato, lettuce, pickle, onion, mustard and mayonnaise are some of Texas' best.


Lankford Grocery

Hamburgers at Lankford Grocery are some of Houston's best: gnarled, uneven circles with crunchy crust and juices that ooze. Breakfasts are excellent, too.


Monument Café

The Monument Café in Georgetown makes some of the best pies in Texas; meals that precede them (including breakfast) are masterful roadside-restaurant classics.


Maria’s Taco Xpress

An only-in-Austin vibe permeates Maria’s Taco Xpress. Come for the migas breakfast tacos on Sunday mornings; stay for “hippie church.”


Classen Grill

Start a fine Oklahoma City day with Classen Grill's taquitas (tortilla-wrapped eggs, cheese & veggies) or migas (tortilla omelet) accompanied by cheese grits.