Midwest Corned Beef Sandwich


When people think of good corned beef sandwiches, they tend to envision New York, or maybe Miami or Los Angeles. But in fact, some of the nation’s very best corned beef sandwiches, on four-star rye bread, are found in the cities of the Midwest.


Manny’s Coffee Shop

Manny's is a Chicago treasure, a big, cafeteria-style restaurant with a vast menu featuring some of the city's best corned beef, sided by potato pancakes.


Shapiro’s Deli Cafeteria

Shapiro's of Indianapolis, Indiana, is a full-service kosher-style cafeteria best known for superb corned beef, in a sandwich or made into grand hash.


Slyman’s Restaurant

Slyman's is a vintage urban deli specializing in gigantic corned beef sandwiches. It is a highlight of the Cleveland, Ohio, Roadfood restaurant scene.



McBob's is a cheerful Milwaukee tavern / restaurant with a great Friday fish fry and some of the best corned beef (and corned beef hash) anywhere.



There is no meat anywhere so tender and so rapturously luscious as the hand-sliced corned beef at Jake's of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. On good seeded rye, of course.


Corned Beef Factory Sandwich Shop

A restaurant created by a genuine corned beef factory, this little gem makes great cured-meat sandwiches, plus Italian beef & Chicago hot dogs.