Where to get Menudo aka the Ultimate Hangover Cure

by Michael Stern

Other than drinking more or not drinking at all, the way to banish hangovers is to spoon up some menudo. Made from tripe with a large charge of hot chilies, a fragrant blast of epazote, and (usually) hominy, it is served in Mexican restaurants throughout the Southwest, often only on weekends — a visceral comfort food of the kill-or-cure school of gastronomy. Besides fully-dressed chili dogs, murder-burgers, and garbage plates at 3am, one other legendary hangover cure is yakamein. Also known as Old Sober, yakamein is a Chinese/African-American soup of noodles, shredded beef, green onions, and a hard boiled egg. It is now virtually impossible to find in restaurants.


Border Taco

An inconspicuous Douglas, Arizona, taqueria, Border Taco serves good food beyond tacos, from breakfast burritos to chimichangas and weekend menudo.


Los Jarritos

Los Jarritos is a 12th Avenue cafe where Tucsonians come to eat and chat and enjoy traditional Sonoran fare from green corn tamales to hangover-cure menudo.


Garcia’s Kitchen

Garcia's is a fun, friendly place (7 locations in Albuquerque) that serves some of the best New Mexican food, especially breakfast, available any time.



A friendly Nebraska cafe with south-of-the-border d├ęcor, Rosita's makes everything from scratch, even the amazing puffy corn chips.


3 Caminos

A restaurant in the back room of an old South Carolina gas station, 3 Caminos serves wonderful from-scratch Mexican fare along with brilliant house-made salsas.