Lima Bean Glory


Lima beans are known everywhere, loved mostly in the South, and a signature dish of Charleston, South Carolina. Soul food cooks simmer the khaki-colored pods with plenty of pork, the flavor of which transforms them from a mere vegetable into a silky-rich indulgence. These are the places to taste them at their best, in Charleston and beyond.


Bertha’s Kitchen

Founded by the late Albertha Grant in 1979, Bertha's is a modest cafeteria restaurant on the outskirts of Charleston that is a primer in Lowcountry soul food.


Martha Lou’s Kitchen

Martha Lou's is a small, hospitable Charleston soul-food restaurant where everything is cooked with brio and served with grace.



** THIS RESTAURANT IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED ** Ernie's is a small, well-established soul food restaurant in Charleston -- well-known to locals but seldom found by tourists. Prices are low, food flavors are high.


Nana’s Soul Food

Offering some of the best soul food in Charlotte, Nana's is a cafeteria with a vast array of choices. Great vegetables! Prices are low and service is friendly.



Alcenia's is a warm, friendly Memphis, Tennessee, restaurant serving homey soul food meat-and-3 meals that end with glorious pies or bread pudding.


Summerton Diner

A 3-meal-a-day, meat-and-3 destination, the Summerton Diner makes especially good fried chicken, served on a partitioned plate along with good vegetables.