To quench ferocious thirst (non-alcoholically), few beverages are as welcome as horchata. A rice milk that varies from saki-thin to milk shake-thick, served on ice and dusted with cinnamon, it is drunk throughout the American southwest at taco trucks and in Mexican restaurants of every stripe. It always is at least slightly sweet; its starchy character makes it an especially effective taste-buds fire extinguisher when eating spicy food.


Moore Coffee

A cute little coffee house specializing in crisp, elegant waffles and beautiful latte art. Moore Coffee is an only-in-Seattle experience!


El Gallo Giro

A Mexican and Tex-Mex treasure southwest of Boise, Idaho, El Gallo Giro has a broad menu of expertly-made specialties from the Rio Grande and points south.


El Campeon

El Campeon is an Orange County restaurant / bakery / grocery / fresh-juice purveyor that offers great Mexican food at bargain prices.


El Indio

Green chile, made with pork, tomatillos, and a few kinds of chile, is some of the best anywhere at El Indio, a large, welcoming, low-profile Tucson gem.


Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo is a Tucson taqueria serving the city's best tacos. Also: pico de gallo (chile-spiked fruit salad) & coctel de elote (cheese & corn soup/stew).



Burgers, tacos, milk shakes and French fries are all well above ordinary fast food standards at Phoenix's casual, friendly Stand.



Excellent New Mexico food at family-run Nopalito of Las Cruces: crisp-edged chilies rellenos, stacked enchiladas with beans and cheese and a fried egg on top.



Cancun's super burrito stuffed with carnitas (shredded pork), rice and beans, smothered with shredded cheese & warm salsa is a Tulsa, Oklahoma dish to remember.