The Best Places for Pork Roll in New Jersey


What’s Pork Roll?

A New Jersey inamorata little known beyond state borders, pork roll, aka Taylor Ham, is pink like baloney but rugged-textured like salami. It contains enough sugar that when a slice is fried, it develops a caramelized crunch on its surface. It can be a plated breakfast meat (like ham) or the star ingredient in a breakfast sandwich along with eggs and cheese (known in diner slang as a Triple Bypass). It is one of those regional foods that is definitely worth trying!  While you can find the dish throughout the garden state, these are the places we think are serving the best pork roll in New Jersey.

Best Pork Roll Locations

White Rose System amplifies the formula by adding home fried potatoes to the sandwich. Pork roll is popular at lunch as well as breakfast at the monumental Mastoris diner, and it is sliced especially thick at The Little King.

At Pat’s Colonial Kitchen, it shares the menu with the Mid-Atlantic’s other favorite breakfast meat, scrapple. Frank’s Deli, in Asbury Park, has been serving the classic pork roll, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich to hungry regulars since 1960.


White Rose System

Pork roll (aka Taylor Ham) with egg and cheese is the breakfast sandwich of New Jersey, nowhere better than at the White Rose System diner.


The Little King

The Little King is the quintessential Central New Jersey sandwich shop, serving grand Italian subs, house-roasted turkey, and iconic pork roll, egg & cheese.


Pat’s Colonial Kitchen

Pat's Colonial Kitchen in Newtown, Pennsylvania, is a locals' favorite town restaurant serving French toast piled with pristine fresh fruits.


Frank’s Deli

Somewhere between a diner and a deli, Frank’s is legendary for unvarnished New Jersey eats such as pork roll, egg, and cheese on a roll.