The Best Dixie Dogs in America


In the states where they are popular, Dixie dogs are not known as Dixie dogs. They are called slaw dogs or simply hot dogs. But because they originated in the South, the Dixie dog moniker has stuck and has now begun to appear on menus outside the South where vendors make a point of honoring regional differences. Creamy-cool cole slaw is what makes this hot dog variation unique; it almost always comes in concert with meaty chili sauce. Chopped raw onions and yellow mustard sometimes complete the package. Tube steak historians believe that this variation first was configured in Huntington, West Virginia (where it remains immensely popular), at Stewart’s root beer stand, which opened in 1932 with popcorn the only food on its menu. The next year, proprietor Gertrude Mandt developed a chili sauce and started serving hot dogs. Exactly when slaw became an option is lost in the mists of time.


Ritzy Lunch

Ritzy hot dogs come in steamed-soft buns topped with zesty ground-beef sauce. Cole slaw atop the chili adds a sweet note so popular in West Virginia.


Stewart’s Original Hot Dogs

Stewart's is a West Virginia landmark known for little weenies served in steamed buns topped with secret-recipe chili, mustard, onions and creamy cole slaw.


Jay Bee’s

Foot-long hot dogs, giant burgers, chopped BBQ, plus brash drive-through service make Jay Bee's a favorite North Carolina destination.

Must Eats

Hot Dog Cafe

Hot dogs, southern-style, star at this charming South Carolina country-crossroads eatery, where good burgers and fresh French fries round out the menu.