Connecticut: Hot Dog Heaven


Connecticut Hot Dogs

Along with New Jersey, New York, and Chicago, Connecticut is one of the nation’s most elite hot dog hunting grounds — home of dozens of joints that make the cooking and dressing of wieners into a fine culinary art. There is no one style unique to the state — although deep-frying, as at Blackie’s and Rawley’s, is a hallmark of several of the great frank emporia; and ferocious relish, as at Super Duper Weenie and Al’s Hot Dog Stand, is to be expected. Needless to say, none of these cheap-eats shrines likely will be winning awards from the nutrition police (not even Kamp Dog, which shares a building with a natural/organic food co-op!). The list below highlights our five favorite hot dog vendors across The Constitution State.



Hot dogs at Blackie's of Cheshire, Connecticut, are plumpies oil-boiled to the point that they literally erupt with flavor. Mustard & hot relish are musts!



Rawley’s is a Gold Coast snack shack with blue ribbon red hots cooked in a deep fryer then finished on a griddle so their skins turn crusty. A Connecticut best!


Super Duper Weenie

A firm-fleshed local hot dog, split & grilled, is served with homemade condiments. Whatever you eat at Super Duper Weenie, get French Fries. They're the best.


Al’s Hot Dog Stand

Naugatuck's vintage roadside drive-in restaurant serves foot-long hot dogs in grilled buns with Al's magnificent hot relish to top them.

Must Eats

Kamp Dog

Making the best hot dogs in southeastern Connecticut, Kamp Dog also serves wicked-good breakfasts. Hand-cut French fries round out a wonderful menu.