Brunswick Stew


Brunswick Stew is a fundamental side dish for barbecue in Georgia and beyond. Originally made as a hunter’s gallimaufry using whatever critters had been bagged and whatever vegetables were available, today’s version almost always contains pulled pork along with beans, corn, tomatoes, and spice. Accompany the really porky ones with a hunk of cornbread and you have a full meal.


J.R.’s Ribshack

A humble roadside BBQ with some of the finest chicken and ribs in the Florida panhandle. JR's Brunswick stew is not to be missed.


Bill Spoon’s Barbecue

A best BBQ restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bill Spoon’s is famed for chopped pork, Brunswick stew, mustard slaw and exemplary hushpuppies.



Stamey’s serves Lexington-style North Carolina BBQ: pork shoulders pit-cooked over hickory coals until ridiculously tender, then chopped or sliced.

Must Eats
Chopped Pork Plate , Chopped Pork Sandwich, Sweet Tea

Fat Matt’s Rib Shack

A small BBQ restaurant north of downtown Atlanta, Fat Matt's features live music on weekends. To eat: big slabs of smoky ribs sided by Brunswick stew.


Galax Smokehouse

A big, family-friendly BBQ, Virginia's Galax Smokehouse is known for delicious pork ribs and beef brisket as well as for secret-ingredient banana pudding.

Must Eats
Banana Pudding , Brunswick Stew , Medium Spareribs (6)

Old South Bar-B-Q

Old South BBQ in Smyrna, Georgia, is known for smoke-cooked pork, beef, chicken and ribs, as well as for an amazing barbecue salad.

Must Eats
Pulled Pork Plate, Brunswick Stew , Pork on Garlic Toast, Chef’s Bar-B-Q Salad

Port-A-Pit BBQ

Port-A-Pit is a Statesville, North Carolina, take-out only BBQ with very limited hours serving smoke-cooked meats along with hearty Brunswick stew.


Skipper’s Fish Camp

Skipper's is a polite Georgia fish camp with a wide menu of local seafood that includes superb sweet shrimp. Sweet potato souffle mustn't be missed.

Must Eats

Southern Pit

Ribs, pork, beef & chicken are all 1st-rate at Southern Pit in Griffin, Georgia. Sides: Brunswick stew, cole slaw, cracklin corn bread. Dessert: fruit cobbler.


Manuel’s Tavern

Manuel's is a friendly Atlanta bar known for big burgers and some of the best Brunswick stew in the South.