The 12 Best Locations for Breakfast in the West


As breathtaking as a western sunset is, western breakfast can be every bit as beautiful. Sunrise never tasted better than it does at any one of these dozen eateries with big, bright personalities and hearty meals to match.

Washington and Oregon

Serving biscuits, waffles loaded down with fresh berries and butter, and some of the best huevos rancheros in the region, these first three locations in Washington and Oregon offer a variety of excellent dishes for breakfast.

  • Every dish comes with a side of attitude at Biscuit Bitch in Seattle, Washington. You can order a range of items, from a “Hot Messy Bitch,” a biscuit with gravy, eggs and garlic grits covered in cheese with a grilled hot link and jalapenos on the side, to a “Canadian Bitch,” a biscuit with maple peanut butter and bacon. Biscuit Bitch delivers first-rate breakfasts.
  • Eggs Benedict is a must-try dish at Glo’s in Capital Hill. Masterfully created, the dish includes smooth and buttery hollandaise with an option for smoked salmon, spinach and bacon, or Eggs California, served with avocado and grilled tomato.
  • We once got a tip that Wanda’s has “the best huevos rancheros you will ever eat.” Although they weren’t as good as some in the Southern states, they were the best within 1,000 miles of the location.


With a restaurant in Berkeley, Los Angeles and San Diego, this section of the list highlights the three absolute best breakfast locations in The Golden State.

  • Retro restaurants, diners in particular, often create the right ambiance but miss the mark when it comes to the food they serve. Bette’s Oceanview Diner breaks this trend with a multitude of dishes, most notably their rich, seasonal, buttermilk pancakes and waffles.
  • Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Du-Par’s in Los Angeles never stops serving excellent diner food. From fluffy pancakes made for breakfast to comfort food such as chicken pot pie, there isn’t a time of day Du-Par’s isn’t fitting.
  • Although a variety of omelets are offered, the baked goods are what stand out at Cottage, an eclectic bakery in San Diego, California. Muffins made with a large array of ingredients, including apples, oatmeal and, of course, blueberries, fill the air outside the shop with unparalleled bakery smells.

Idaho, Nevada and Arizona

With excellent hash browns at two of the three locations in this section, surprisingly not in Idaho which produces over a third of the potatoes in the United States, these three excellent diners offer fresh food made in-house every day.

  • Located in Sin City, there are no short-cuts taken at Hash House. Just about everything is made in the restaurant, including sausages, biscuits, jam, jelly and of course the hash. The menu consists of a variety of different hashes, corned beef, roast beef, and chicken are a few of the delicious options.
  • Offering fantastic food, especially the fresh biscuits, the Hoot Owl Café is a genuine restaurant that opens its doors on Monday from 4 to 7 to operate as a community soup kitchen that is partly funded by a tip jar on the counter.
  • Serving the undisputed best breakfast in Phoenix, Arizona, Matt’s Big Breakfast is hard to beat anywhere in the country. The hash browns are wickedly crisp and cooked to a beautiful golden brown, while the bacon is extra-thick and peppered to perfection.

New Mexico and Texas

All offering multiple meals per day, these Mexican restaurants give the last three locations on our list a sense of unity. From huevos rancheros and French toast made with house-baked bread to a restaurant that doubles as a car wash, each one of these stops is a fantastic and unique restaurant located in the bottom of the United States.

  • With over 250 different vendors, Pasqual’s prides itself on making everything in house. Although they server three meals a day, breakfast is by far out favorite. Pasqual’s serves a variety of dishes including French toast, made from house-baked honey whole-wheat bread, and a fantastic tamale dulce, that is still wrapped in banana leaves when served.
  • Located in the heart of chili country, expect heat when you go to Nellie’s for breakfast or lunch. The huevos rancheros is served ranch style and comes with a side of refried beans and rice, perfect for the first meal of anyone’s day.
  • Serving huevos rancheros like we have never seen before, topped with gravy, onions and peppers, H&H Café & Car Wash doesn’t only offer great food, they offer a car washing service right in front of the windows. They also serve some of the finest chiles rellenos we have had.
Biscuit Bitch

Biscuit Bitch

Southern-style biscuits and gravy are delivered with irreverent, in-your-face attitude at Biscuit Bitch, an outspoken Seattle treasure.



For breakfast in Seattle's Capitol Hill, go to Glo's. Best bets: beautiful eggs Benedict, waffles topped with fresh berries, sour cream coffee cake.



Wanda's is Nehalem, Oregon's comfort-food restaurant serving a famously good plate of huevos rancheros. Interior decor is wall-to-wall retro-kitsch.


Bette’s Oceanview Diner

Gorgeous souffle pancakes at Bette's diner in Berkeley are a taste of heaven. A Bay area breakfast best!



24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Du-Par's in the Los Angeles Farmer's Market is a fantastic destination for a snack, a stack of pancakes, or a chicken pot pie.



The best sunny southern California cafe, from magnificent granola and homemade pastries to superb fish tacos and so much more. The Cottage is a La Jolla must!


Mary’s Hash House

Mary's Hash House is a Las Vegas, Nevada, restaurant serving from-scratch hash-browns, sausage & biscuits, jams & jellies, and yes, hash.


Hoot Owl Cafe

Huge portions of such hearty fare as biscuits and gravy and locally made sausage distinguish the fine breakfasts for which Hoot Owl Cafe is known.


Matt’s Big Breakfast

Looking around Phoenix for breakfast prepared with kitchen expertise and using the best from-scratch ingredients? Put Matt's at the top of the list.



Pasqual's is Santa Fe's favorite corner eatery, serving bright, modern versions of New Mexico classics. Corned beef hash is some of the best in the West.



A sign on the wall in Nellie's of Las Cruces says: "A day without chile is like a day without sunshine." No problem on this fine chile-centric New Mexico menu!


H&H Cafe & Car Wash

El Paso's H&H Cafe is also a car wash, providing travelers the opportunity to savor excellent Tex-Mex food then get on the road in a sparkling clean car.