The 9 Best Places to Eat in Augusta, Georgia


The Masters of Food

Augusta, Georgia is most famously known for being the home of one thing, the Augusta National Golf Club, and more importantly, the Masters. However, this event only lasts for four days out of the year. The other 361 days, Augusta is home to fantastic food. Ranging from cafes to bakeries, sports bars and beyond, this list is what we consider to be the nine best restaurants in Augusta.

Meats and Mexican

  • At Honey From the Rock Café in Augusta, Georgia we struggled with deciding what to recommend because everything was so good. Some of the standout dishes were the corn fritters that are cooked paper thin but still have tons of flavor, and the baked or fried chicken.
  • With a normal dish being in the $30 price range, Frog Hollow Tavern is a little pricy on the Roadfood scale. But whoever said that money can’t buy happiness clearly hasn’t been to Frog Hollow Tavern, or tried one of their excellent dishes, including macaroni and cheese made lasagna-style, with a stack of long flat noodles, and a butter-tender double-bone pork chop.
  • Taqueria El Ray has a range of dishes, from Mexican to New Mexican to what the menu calls, “Gringo Specials,” or Mexican accented dishes. The most interesting dish on the menu was the Cuban Sub. This monster of a sandwich consists of breaded steak, two split wieners, a pair of fried eggs, ham, cheese, garnish and condiments sandwiched between an entire toasted loaf of bread.

Sandwiches and Burgers

  • With fumes from the grill and smoke from cigarettes filling the air, Sports Center is not a tavern that you want to take your grandmother to, unless of course she is craving a killer hamburger. Based around a juicy half-pound patty, these burgers are one of two things we saw ordered off the menu, the other being hot dogs.
  • Originally opened as a grocery store in 1879, Hildebrandt’s has now transitioned into a restaurant with a few groceries and other items lining the shelves. The standout sandwich was the Reuben, made from corned beef, kraut and cheese all sandwiched between two pieces of soft rye bread, and accompanied by a German potato salad, both were delicious.


  • Mainly a take-out restaurant, Perry’s Pig serves what was likely the best BBQ pork sandwich we have ever had. Expect to eat it with a fork.
  • To be honest, there is better barbecue in Augusta, but the setting of Sconyer’s is hard to beat. With logs lining the walls and old farm tools hanging from the ceiling, it is the perfect spot to come with anyone who may be trying to avoid some of the rough-around-the-edges barbecue shacks.

Vegan Options and a Bakery

  • Located in a town full of barbecue and meats, Humanitree House, a vegan restaurant, is definitely a unique location. After eating so many meat focused meals, it was a surprisingly nice change of pace. The Mofo, containing spicy vegan sausage and sundried tomato paste, was one of the standouts alongside the variety of cold pressed juices that were offered.
  • Primarily a bakery, Boll Weevil Café & Sweetery offers a surprising amount of other great dishes, aside from their fantastic Hummingbird Cake and Banana Chocolate Chip Cake of course. For a meal, we would recommend the Roasted Tomato Apple Soup as well as the turkey-spinach dip-provolone sandwich called Curious George, which is made with honey-sweetened wheat bread.

Honey From the Rock Cafe

Serving 4-star Dixie cafeteria fare with spiritual purpose, Augusta's Honey from the Rock is known for baked chicken, crisp corn fritters & homemade ice cream.


Frog Hollow Tavern

Local, seasonal, organic: Augusta's Frog Hollow Tavern does it right. Shrimp & grits is kaleidoscopic; in-season peaches are spectacular; cocktails are clever.


Taqueria El Rey

A splendid taste of Mexican food in a ho-hum shopping center, Taqueria El Rey does it all from scratch, and does it brilliantly. It's also a butcher shop.


Sports Center

Half-pound hamburgers and hand-breaded onion rings are excellent edibles in the Sports Center, a timeworn billiards parlor / bar on Augusta's Broad Street.

Must Eats


Hildebrandt's is a charming a 19th century Augusta grocery store that makes tall sandwiches and carries many hard-to-find candies, sodas, and nick-nacks.


Perry’s Pig

At this hidden Augusta BBQ, chopped pork sandwiches are garnished with succulent bits of crisp cracklin: one of the great smoke-pit sandwiches anywhere.



In Augusta's landmark BBQ theme restaurant, well-mannered BBQ is served by friendly waitresses in peasant garb. Sconyer's is huge, as are its portions.


Humanitree House

Humanitree's vegan menu includes sandwiches as well as cold-pressed juices & smoothies with superfood add-ins. Its vibe is laid-back, artistic, counter-culture.


Boll Weevil Cafe & Sweetery

Huge layer cakes rule at Boll Weevil, a jolly cafe by Augusta's waterfront where fine southern fare shares menu space with modern salad, soup & sandwiches.