Classic Restaurants to Visit on Route 66 Through Albuquerque


The Best Restaurants in Albuquerque on Route 66

Route 66 did not bypass cities. It ran straight through their hearts. Such is the case in Albuquerque, where the highway goes right past some of our favorite local restaurants serving authentic New Mexican cuisine, classic diner fare, and more.

Vintage Pharmacy Lunch Counter Good for Shopping and Eating

  • Both a pharmacy and diner, Model Pharmacy has a large assortment of non-food related items that had Jane raving about their rarity. More importantly, there is a dining area in the back of the store that serves great cobbler, milk shakes and green chili stew.

So Many Outstanding Diners to Choose From

  • Serving excellent huevos rancheros, homemade tortillas and their signature dish, the jumbo sweet roll, Frontier is perfect for any time of day. Which is good because it opens at 5 a.m. and closes after midnight.
  • It appears that 66 Diner has not changed since its construction, it still looks exactly like a classic American diner. Serving an assortment of burgers and milkshakes, our favorite dish was the $.99 “Teeny Weeny Sundae.”
  • The chicken-fried steak at The Standard Diner was incredible, by far the best we ever tried. Our server brought us a bowl of freshly made guava ice cream that was too good to resist.
  • No longer open 24 hours a day, Lindy’s Diner serves fantastic cinnamon rolls and breakfast burritos to go, making it worth a stop.
  • Although the all day breakfast served at Garcia’s Kitchen is tempting, it is required that your order the chicharrones if you go. They are basically cubes of bacon that are served warm and melt in you mouth.

A Must-Visit Unique Bakery Making the Best Biscochitos and Green Chile Bread

  • Amazing baked goods and pizzas, including one with green chili crust, can be expected from Golden Crown Panadería, located a few blocks away from the main streets of Old Town Albuquerque.

Model Pharmacy

A vintage lunch counter serving true New-Mex green chile stew, warm fruit cobblers, and soda fountain specialties, Model Pharmacy is a taste of old Route 66.

Must Eats


The Frontier is great New Mexico quick-eats: huevos rancheros, green chili stew, tacos, & burgers. Cinnamon rolls are legendary. Vegetarian options abound.


66 Diner

The 66 Diner of Albuquerque is a good place to taste food unique to New Mexico, including green chile cheeseburgers and green chile stew.


The Standard Diner

The Standard Diner serves such New Mexico classics as huevos rancheros and chicken fried steak as well as such non-standard dishes as quinoa sweet potato cakes.


Lindy’s Diner

Right on old Route 66 (Central Ave.) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lindy’s is a diner serving breakfast, chili and chili dogs, and blue-plate specials.

Must Eats

Garcia’s Kitchen

Garcia's is a fun, friendly place (6 locations in Albuquerque) that serves some of the best New Mexican food, especially breakfast, available any time.


Golden Crown Panadería

Green chile bread is worth a detour to this squat bakery near Old Town Albuquerque. New Mexico’s state cookie, biscochitos, are great, as are pizzas.