A Day’s Delights in San Diego


A Day in San Diego

San Diego is where fish tacos first got popular in this country, and there are none better than at The Cottage up in La Jolla, but this tour starts at The Cottage for breakfast of glorious granola and oven-warm buttermilk coffee cake. Just south, in Ocean Beach, Hodad’s serves outlandishly immense burgers in high surfer style. Other great lunch opportunities include carnitas tacos at La Fachada and a high-rise true-deli sandwich at D.Z. Akins; and you can’t go wrong for supper (or lunch or breakfast) at the grand old coffee shop Hob Nob Hill, where square meals are delivered by a team of waitresses who are consummate pros.



The best sunny southern California cafe, from magnificent granola and homemade pastries to superb fish tacos and so much more. The Cottage is a La Jolla must!



Hodad's of Ocean Beach is the ultimate Southern California beachside burger (& milk shake!) restaurant, its motto: "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem!"


La Fachada

After sampling hundreds of tacos all around San Diego, we highly recommend La Fachada for anyone's short list of the ultimate carnitas taco.

Must Eats
Carnitas Taco , Carne Asada Taco, Taco Al Pastor , Horchata

D.Z. Akins

DZ Akins is San Diego's archetypal urban deli, home of overstuffed sandwiches, excellent potato pancakes and blintzes, and fresh bakery breads.


Hob Nob Hill

Hob Nob Hill of San Diego is the great Southern California coffee shop, serving three square meals a day with grace and hospitality. Must eat: morning pastries!