Jane & Michael Stern

Jane & Michael Stern


Northeast Seafood Crawl

For a mouthwatering summer road trip to sleeves-up joints surrounded by magnificent scenery, you can’t beat a seafood-eating expedition along New England’s coast. At waterside picnic tables and roadside drive-ins, in diner booths and vintage shore dinner halls, the good eats include whole lobsters, lobster rolls, and lobster pie, chowders both briny-thin and cream-sweet, and clams either crisp-fried or … Continue reading Northeast Seafood Crawl

Chile Rellenos

At their best, made from roasted chilies that still have muscular vegetable walls, stuffed with cream-rich molten cheese and haloed in a coat of featherweight batter fried to a fragile crisp, chile rellenos are food of the gods. Nearly all of those encountered in the Southwest are made from mild pods – Anaheims, Big Jims … Continue reading Chile Rellenos

Southern Boarding House Meals

While the old-time boarding house is history, boarding house meals remain a highlight of eating one’s way through the south. Seating usually is communal: friends, family, and strangers gathered around a big table where everything is set out on platters and in bowls. Diners reach, pass, and grab for what they want. It is vital … Continue reading Southern Boarding House Meals

Chili Con Carne

As any patriotic Texan is happy to tell you, chili con carne means chili with meat. It does not include beans, peppers, or other vegetables, and such add-ons as cheese and sour cream are generally unwelcome. True Texas chili con carne is a bit of a rarity these days, but here are some places that … Continue reading Chili Con Carne

Lima Bean Glory

Lima beans are known everywhere, loved mostly in the South, and a signature dish of Charleston, South Carolina. Soul food cooks simmer the khaki-colored pods with plenty of pork, the flavor of which transforms them from a mere vegetable into a silky-rich indulgence. These are the places to taste them at their best, in Charleston … Continue reading Lima Bean Glory

Yankee Donut Destinations

A donut’s very shape is satisfying. It is complete, a whole circle, nice to lift and easy to dunk. Almost any recently-made donut from a national chain offers the undeniable satisfaction of sweet, deep-fried fat, but mass-produced ones cannot compare to the edible ecstasy of a fresh donut made by a master. The northeastern United … Continue reading Yankee Donut Destinations

Mid-South Chess Pie

There are few desserts simpler than basic chess pie and, when it’s made right, nothing better. A congress of eggs, butter and sugar with a dash of cornmeal and sometimes a drop of vanilla and/or vinegar, it comes out of the oven translucent gold; and it melts on the tongue into unadulterated pleasure. It is … Continue reading Mid-South Chess Pie

Midwest Corned Beef Sandwich

When people think of good corned beef sandwiches, they tend to envision New York, or maybe Miami or Los Angeles. But in fact, some of the nation’s very best corned beef sandwiches, on four-star rye bread, are found in the cities of the Midwest.

Heartland Turtle Sundaes

The turtle sundae is not unique to the heartland. Its sublime combination of crisp nuts, hot fudge and caramel sauce atop vanilla ice cream can be found from coast to coast. But the best ones are in the Midwest.

Texas: Deep in the Heart of Pie & BBQ

A trip south from the Metroplex starting with a legendary hamburger, a visit to the town that put sweet kolaches on the map, through Hill Country pie palaces and finally to Lockhart, the BBQ capital of the known universe.


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