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Just off the beach in Pismo, California, Hoagies offers cheap and filling Mexican style breakfast and afternoon grinders.

Philly cheese steaks, subs and hoagies are Tat’s glory. It’s a casual Seattle restaurant with the hustle and sass of an East Coast deli.

Mama’s is a humble, out-of-the-way restaurant serving some of the best cheese steaks and Italian hoagies in Philadelphia.

Unique regional pizza. Each bite is 1/2 baked crust & gooey cheese, 1/2 room-temp toppings & unmelted cheese. Beto’s weird juxtaposition verges on addictive.

Huge hoagies are made by a gourmet chef in a tiny space at Bub & Pop’s. The best-sellers go fast, so be sure to call ahead.

Brash, bustling Sonny’s of Hollywood, Florida, is a destination for seekers of Philly cheese steaks, cold hoagies, burgers, pizza, and hospitable counter sass.

Hoagies star at Santangelo’s in Norristown, Pennsylvania. We love the breakfast hoagie with sausage, bacon, pork roll and eggs (plus, please, roasted peppers).

For a different kind of hoagie, try Taste of Aloha’s roast pork smothered in pineapple BBQ sauce and topped with kimchi slaw on an Italian roll!

By Jane and Michael Stern Originally Published 2009 Gourmet Magazine You can pay a hundred bucks for a Philly cheesesteak at Barclay Prime, on Rittenhouse Square, sit in a plush leather armchair, and nibble Kobe beef, lobster, and shaved truffles off a parmesan brioche. Or you can drop $7.50 for its down-to-earth cousin and eat … Continue reading Say Cheesesteak


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