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Shady Glen - Manchester, CT

Shady Glen may be best known for their unique cheeseburger (four slices of cheese that are fried on the griddle and arranged like huge flower petals over the patty), but it is, in fact, a dairy store where John & Bernice Rieg produce some of the finest ice cream in Connecticut. Malts, sundaes, banana splits, and cones abound, all containing rich ice cream that’s high in both butterfat and taste. The New England favorites Grape-nut and Frozen Pudding are divine, but multiple visits are required for seasonal favorites like Pumpkin and Licorice Chip.

Overall Experiencerating
Frozen Pudding Ice Cream - Pillowy soft ice cream with a subtle rum flavor that is dominated by dried fruit (there was even a whole cherry in one spoonful!) What you wish that a fruitcake could be. rating
Grape-Nut Ice Cream - Chock-a-block with cereal in a sweet cream mantle - perhaps the greatest Grape-nut in New England. rating
Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream - Rich cocoa flavor with small sheets of peanut butter folded in, which stay solid while the ice cream softens. This version of the standard flavor differentiates itself from others with its peanut butter ribbon, which is chewy upon first contact with your mouth, but quickly melts into a smooth sauce. rating
Vanilla Ice Cream - A very soft, full-flavored vanilla (leaning toward French Vanilla) that just yearns for toppings. rating
Hot Fudge Sauce - Not homemade, but very satisfying on vanilla. rating
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