Your Guide to Authentic Regional Eats
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1) Al's #1 Italian Beef - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Combo, Italian Beef, Italian Beef, Italian Beef Sandwich
2) Ann Sather - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Swedish waffles, cinnamon rolls, Jamaican Jerk Scramble
3) Bang Bang Pie Shop - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Slice of Pie, Whole Pie, Pear Brandy Mince Pie, Candied Bacon
4) Barbara Ann's - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Rib Tips, Rib Slab, Chicago Hot Link, #7 Combo Hot Links & Rib Tips
5) Berghoff - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Potato Chips, Sauerbraten, Veal Bratwurst Sandwich, Root Beer
6) Billy Goat Tavern - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Cheeseburger
7) Byron's Dog Haus - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: French Fries, Hot Dog
8) Calumet Fisheries - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Smoked Salmon (1 lb.), Fried Shrimp (1/2 lb.), Fried Oysters (1/2 Lb.), Fried Scallops (1/2 Order)
9) Charlie Parker's - Springfield, IL
Must Eats: Stuffed French Toast, Pancake, Horseshoe
10) Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Mediterranean Bread, Oven Grinder, Pizza Pot Pie, Large Chef's Salad
11) Clarke's - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Skillet Eggs
12) Cozy Corner Diner and Pancake House - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: buttermilk pancakes, skillet breakfasts, off-the-bone ham
13) Cozy Dog - Springfield, IL
Must Eats: French Fries, Cozy Dog
14) Crave Truck - Champaign, IL
Must Eats: Coffee, Waffle Parfait, Classic Street Waffle, Gluten-Free Street Waffle
15) D & J Cafe - Springfield, IL
Must Eats: Horseshoe
16) D'Arcy's Pint - Springfield, IL
Must Eats: Battered Portabella Mushrooms, Horseshoe Sandwich, Pot Roast Sandwich, Buffalo Horseshoe Sandwich
17) Deerfield's Bakery - Deerfield, IL
Must Eats: Muffin, Butter Cookies, Persian, Bear Claw
18) Diner Grill - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Slinger, Gypsy Skillet, Vanilla Shake
19) Doughnut Vault - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Glazed Donut, Buttermilk Old Fashioned Donut, Gingerbread Stack
20) Feed - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: 5-Vegetable Plate, 2-Piece Dark Meat Chicken Dinner, Banana Pudding, Mashed Potatoes With Gravy
21) Frances' Deli - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Fried Matzo with Salami and Onions, Famous Potato Pancakes, Fresh Squuezed Orange Juice, Large, Fried Corned Beef
22) Freddy's Pizzeria - Cicero, IL
Must Eats: Timballo di Pasta, Caprese Salad, Chicken Marsala, Stuffed Eggplant
23) Garrett's Popcorn Shop - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: CaramelCrisp, mix, CheeseCorn
24) Gene & Georgetti - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Sirloin Steak, Shrimp de Jonghe, Garbage Salad, Chicken Vesuvio
25) Gene & Jude's - River Grove, IL
Must Eats: Double Dog with Fries, French Fries, Hot Dog, tamales
26) Gino's East - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Deep Dish Crumbled Sausage and Green Olive Pizza, Deep dish sausage pizza, Deep Dish Crumbled Sausage Pizza
27) Hackney's on Harms - Glenview, IL
Must Eats: onion loaf, hamburger
28) Harold's Chicken Shack - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Half-Chicken Dinner, 4 Wing Dinner, Buffalo Shrimp
29) Harry Caray's - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Chicken Vesuvio, Steak, Tiramisu, Seafood Gnocchi
30) Hoosier Mama Pie Company - Evanston, IL
Must Eats: Pie, Scones, Turnovers, Quiche
31) Igloo - Peru, IL
Must Eats: Double Tenderloin, Tenderloin, Milk Shake, French Fries
32) Joe Rogers Original Recipe Chili Parlor - Springfield, IL
Must Eats: Den Burger, Chili, Chili Dog, Tamale Plate
33) Johnnie's - Elmwood Park, IL
Must Eats: Italian Beef, Italian Ice, (Green) Pepper & Egg
34) Jubilee Cafe - Edwards, IL
Must Eats: Fried Chicken
35) Kevin's Hamburger Heaven - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: T-Bone Steak-N-Eggs, Pork Chops-N-Eggs, Malts, The One And Only
36) Kuma's Corner - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Mac 'N' Cheese, Mastodon, Behemoth Burger, High on Fire
37) Las Maravillas - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Steak (Carne Asada) Burrito, Mole Poblano
38) Lawry's the Prime Rib - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: prime rib, Prime Rib, Mashed Potatoes, Sourdough Bread
39) m. henry - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Brioche Bread Pudding, Fresh-Squuezed Orange Juice - Large, Fannie's Killer Fried Egg Sandwich, Butternut Applepecan Hotcakes
40) Manny's Coffee Shop - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Oxtail Stew, Blintzes (1), Corned Beef Sandwich, Pastrami Sandwich
41) Mr. Beef - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Italian beef, Italian Beef Sandwich, sausage
42) Mustard's Last Stand - Evanston, IL
Must Eats: Red Hot with the works
43) Old Fashioned Donuts - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Apple Fritter, Cruller, Donut
44) Original Pancake House - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Apple pancake, Dutch baby, crepes, bacon
45) Paradise Pup - Des Plaines, IL
Must Eats: Char Cheddar Polish , Cheddar Burger, Milkshake, Chicago Dog
46) Pearl's Place - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Biscuits, Shrimp and Cheesy Grits, Down South Breakfast, One Egg
47) Pizzeria Uno - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Sausage pizza, Numero Uno
48) Poochie's - Skokie, IL
Must Eats: French fries, Polish, Char Dog, Char Burger
49) Red Hen Bakery - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: peasant bread, pumpkin sweet corn bread, cock-a-doodle carrot muffin, Baguette
50) Ricobene's - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Italian steak, French fries, Breaded Steak, Deep Dish Pizza
51) Rip's - Ladd, IL
Must Eats: Quarter Light, Crunchies, Fried Mushrooms
52) Ritz's - Springfield, IL
Must Eats: Horseshoe
53) Smoque - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Chopped Brisket, St. Louis Ribs Full Slab w/slaw & 2 sides, Pulled Pork, Fresh Cut Fries
54) Stanley's Tavern - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Kielbasa, Cucumber Salad, Cheeseburger, Tuna Melt
55) Superdawg - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Whoopskidawg, Whooperburger, Supermalt, Superdawg
56) Tempo Café - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: skillet omelets, Jelly, French toast, Ham & Eggs
57) Torri's Ice Cream Parlor - Ladd, IL
Must Eats: Ice Cream Sundae, Banana Split, Loaded Hash Browns, Biscuit
58) Twin Anchors - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Baby Back Ribs
59) Valois - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Short Ribs, Pumpkin Pie, Hot Turkey Sandwich w/ Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Cabbage
60) Verucchi's - Spring Valley, IL
Must Eats: American Fried Potatoes, Italian Fried Chicken, Ravs, Dinner Salad
61) Vienna Beef Factory Store and Café - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Chicago Style Hot Dog, 3XL Corned Beef Sandwich, Chicago Style Double Dog, Chicago Style Polish
62) Walker Brothers Pancake House - Wilmette, IL
Must Eats: Apple Pancake, Dutch Baby, German Pancake, Orange Juice
63) Wedron Office - Ottawa, IL
Must Eats: Fried Chicken, Bluegill, Salad, Cream of Mushroom Soup
64) Wiener's Circle - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: french fries, Char red hot, Cheddar Char Burger, Cheddar Cheese Fries
65) Wolfy's - Chicago, IL
Must Eats: Polish sausage, red hot

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