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4919 W. North Ave., Milwaukee, WI - (414) 871-5050
Posted By Michael Stern on January 9, 2008 4:07 PM
Roadfood rules get skewed in Milwaukee. Usually, taverns are not where we go to find good local food, especially taverns that attract a rowdy crowd of enthusiastic drinkers. But thanks to Milwaukeean and member Zessica Z. and her friend Brad, we overcame such inhibitions and went a West Side pub named McBob's on a Friday night for the fish fry.

The place was crowded and noisy and the aroma of beer filled the air. But there was another smell, too: hot corned beef. While McBob's has its fish fry every Friday (and Wednesday, too), corned beef is on the menu every day; and it is terrific. Big, tender chunks of steamy-hot meat from the spiced brisket are sold in a sandwich of plain rye or in toasted rye with sauerkraut, horseradish mustard, and Swiss cheese (a Reuben).

The fish fry comes three different ways: your choice of perch, walleye, or grouper, a combo of perch and walleye, or a super combo of all three. With the fish come American fries or potato pancakes, cole slaw, and bread. "This is the real deal!" Brad proclaimed, "All fresh, all real." Each fish filet is encased in a highly seasoned, fragile crust. The walleye is light and ephemeral; the grouper is mild with a sweet oily flavor. The perch is snowy white. If you get the meal with potato pancakes – you should! – the pancakes are fanned out on the plate as a kind of edible trivet for the fish. They are laced with bits of onion and have a potato flavor that perfectly complements the crisp fish.

McBob's has many food choices beyond fish and corned beef: tacos every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, burgers of all kinds, brats, hot beef, and liver sausage sandwiches.
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Fish Fry
Corned Beef Sandwich

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Posted By Mark Lowry on September 1, 2011 7:21 PM
McBob's is a great stop on the way to or from a Brewer's game as it is very close to the stadium. I recommend the Reuben sandwich because you can order extra meat; heaven. They also offer a "deluxe" corned beef sandwich, available only on weekdays. The secret to their fantastic corned beef is that it is made in a pressure cooker. Amazingly succulent!
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Corned Beef Sandwich

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Posted By Jo Wishnie on November 17, 2010 7:40 PM
McBob's is clearly the best corned beef sandwich restaurant I've ever eaten at. As a Milwaukee native, I have eaten there many times. Yes, it is a strange setting, just a typical Milwaukee neighborhood corner bar atmosphere, but the surprise and treat is their delicious corned beef, which automatically comes with the horseradish mustard mixed in. I did not know that the first time I ate it, and I'm glad. I normally shun horseradish, and had I known, I would have missed out on the best corned beef ever. The mustard is great and adds an unusual, almost sweet tang. Generously sized chunks, and generously filled sandwich.

I've had the fish fry too, and it is one of Milwaukee's best. Crispy and tender, I've had each of the species, but the grouper was my favorite.

Best time to go is during the week when it's not too crowded. You can get the fish fry on Wednesdays as well as Friday. I did try the famous Bloody Mary, but it was a little too spicy for my tastes. Lots of good veggies and stuff in it though.
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Posted By Bryan Tk on October 16, 2010 9:44 AM
I am a regular at McBobs. It's close enough to work for me to lunch at this dive bar with a great menue. The corned beef is top notch, so you cant go wrong with a rueben or a any of the other menue items with corned beef including the Irish spring rolls. The spring roll is a egg roll with corn beef, saurkraut and served with a dipping sauce. Also look for the scotch egg on the appetizer menu. This is a hard boiled egg wrapped in pizza sausage, breaded and pan fried. Also served with a dipping sauce.

The tacos are also good. They are about the size of one of those big burritos you get at those Subway like mexican chains.

Don't expect a big bill when you finish up. My brother and I had a scotch egg, a spring roll, 2 tacos, and 4 beers the other night and our bill was under $25.

The neighborhood is not the best, but it is one block from a police headquarter building. I would consider it safe anytime before 10pm.

The bar is usually pretty full for lunch during the week, and the dinner hour on Fridays for the fish fry. I have found it mostly empty on Saturday evenings for dinner. Never visited for breakfest but I have it on my things to do list.
4 star rating
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Corned Beef Sandwich
Corned Beef Hash
Irish Spring Roll
Scotch Egg
Nachos McBob's

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