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Newsletter: Summer Travel
Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 7:17 AM
Do You Use Roadfood Mobile?

If you are planning to travel anywhere in the USA, be sure you avail yourself of Roadfood Mobile. Wherever you are, you simply pull it up on your smart phone and touch "Find Nearby Restaurants":


It delivers a list of all the Roadfood-reviewed restaurants in your vicinity, starting with the closest:


Touch whichever one interests you and you will be taken to a brief description of the restaurant, along with photos and descriptions of its highlighted dishes:


We use it all the time when traveling. Until now, Roadfood Mobile has been available to everyone, but after Memorial Day, it is going to be available only to Roadfood Insiders. So please, take some time to check it out, and if you like what you see, be sure you become a Roadfood Insider and have access to its several benefits, foremost among them, Roadfood Mobile. [READ MORE]

It's Ice Cream Season

Of course, there is no season that is wrong for ice cream, but warm summer days are especially right. If you plan to be traveling through New England (where the finest ice cream is made), be sure to check out this comprehensive Quest for the Best put together by Stephen, Chris, and Amy, rating ice cream (and hot fudge) on a one-to-five scoop scale, from southern Connecticut to northern Maine. [READ MORE]

The Red Truck

If anyone is heading to or through the northern Virginia Piedmont, do yourself a favor and stop at the Red Truck Bakery in Warrenton. Red Truck cookies, pictured above, are a joy to eat. Bourbon cake and moonshine cake, Meyer lemon cake and Shenandoah apple cake are to die for. And there is no better granola anywhere. Have a breakfast pastry or lunch at the communal table, and come away with cookies. We can't imagine a better coffee companion than the Tuesday special cookies, known as birdseeds, made with anise, poppy, and black sesame seeds.


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