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Posted on Thursday, January 17, 2013 12:20 AM
Won't You Join Us for the Best New Orleans Festival Yet?

It is scarcely three months before the start of the seventh annual Roadfood festival in New Orleans, March 27-29. Cheap flights still are available, as are special Roadfood deals on rooms in the heart of the French Quarter at the Monteleone Hotel and Hotel Bienville Please book your trip now so you can join us for what promises to be the best festival yet.

Now titled FOODFEST: AMERICA'S HOMETOWN EATS, the great eaters' party will feature foods that attendees have loved in the past, including Louie Mueller's Texas barbecue and ribs from Central BBQ in Memphis, Lasyone's meat pies from Natchitoches, Abbott's custard from Rochester, Tucson tamales, Prejean's jambalaya, Turtle Alley chocolates, etc., etc.

In addition to returning favorites from Louisiana and all over the country, the 2013 festival will for the first time be offering the legendary Gus's Fried Chicken from Memphis, panzerottis from Tarantini Pizzeria in New Jersey, and dishes from a couple of restaurants, still to be announced, that rank among the nation's best Roadfood. [READ MORE]

Do You Have a Sweet Tooth?

If you are someone who happens to enjoy dessert, candy, pie, cookies, or cake, you need to know about the Friday night kick-off party. Titled AMERICA'S HOMETOWN SWEETS, it is going to feature great sweet things from all over the country (like Turtle Alley turtles, pictured above). Of course, pralines and bread pudding from New Orleans, but also toffees, chocolates, cobblers, donuts, cupcakes, and regional pastries that are virtually unknown outside their place of origin. Tickets to this event are very limited. Admission buys open access to everything there is to eat as well as an opportunity to meet the recipient of this year's Roadfood Blue Plate Award (to be announced soon).

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