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Tucson Sonoran Hot Dogs

The Sonoran hot dog's genealogy is murky (was it invented in northern Mexico or southern Arizona?) and its history inexact (locals recall street corner vendors selling it as far back as the 1960s), but there can be no question about its popularity. Scores of vendors throughout Tucson sell the "hot-dog estilo Sonora," each adding a personal twist to the basic formula that starts with a supple Mexican bun and a bacon-sheathed hot dog cooked to the point that bacon flavor melts into the dog, leaving the outside patched with streaks of lean. The full condiment line-up includes beans (often underneath the hot dog), chopped tomatoes, onions, mustard, jalapeno sauce, and mayonnaise – all arranged with the brio of a Jackson Pollock painting. On the side of every Sonoran hot dog comes a roasted guero pepper, which looks like a pale jalapeno (guero = blond) and can be every bit as hot.

BK Carne Asada & Hot Dogs
El Manantial
El Guero Canelo
El Sinaloense 3
BK Carne Asada & Hot Dogs - Tucson , AZ
One of Tucson's premier sources of the Sonoran hot dog, BK's also has a menu of superior tacos, tortas, caramelos, burros and quesadillas.
El Manantial - Tucson , AZ
One of the great sources for "hot dog estilo Sonora" -- the Sonoran hot dog -- El Manantial is a deluxe food truck that provides picnic-table seating with shade from the sun.
El Guero Canelo - Tucson , AZ
For Sonoran-style Mexican food of all kinds, but especially for Sonoran hot dogs, El Guero Canelo is a culinary beacon. This family-run establishment is an everyday picnic.
El Sinaloense 3 - Tucson , AZ
A mobile hot dog cart that parks in a lot on 12th Avenue near Oklahoma in Tucson, El Sinaloense 3 is a great source of that wild and baroque local specialty, the Sonoran hot dog.

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