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Northeast Pizza Throwdown

Connecticut, New York, New Jersey: all can lay claim to the best pizza in America, maybe in the world. You be the judge. Take this tri-state tour of cream of the crop pizzerias in each venue.

Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana
Roseland Apizza
Pizzeria Lauretano
Di Fara Pizza
John's Pizzeria
De Lorenzo Tomato Pies
Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana - New Haven , CT
At Pepe's, the greatest (and original) of the pizzerias on New Haven’s Wooster Street, you walk into a room with an open kitchen in back where white-aproned pizza men enact a ritual originated by Frank Pepe more than seventy years ago: bombs of dough are flattened on a marble table, clouds of spice are strewn in an instant, and long wooden bakers' peels are used to inject pizzas deep into the coal-fired oven. It is a hypnotic scene, untouched by time or fashion.
Roseland Apizza - Derby , CT
Roseland is known for serving huge portions. No one leaves without a handful of Styrofoam containers holding leftovers of great Italian meals that range from hot and cold antipasti to excellent pizzas to pastas of all kinds.
Pizzeria Lauretano - Bethel , CT
Twelve-inch pizzas with thin crusts are cooked in a wood-fired brick oven and they are very, very good. Pizzas are elegant, spread with good fresh mozzarella and full-flavored tomatoes (or not, if you choose a white pizza). Available toppings range from arugula to prosciutto to grilled shrimp.
Di Fara Pizza - Brooklyn , NY
Prepare to wait your turn at this humble but hugely popular corner shop, where Dominic DeMarco pulls hot pizza from the oven with his bare hands (so he can test doneness). The thin-crust pie is made with imported mozzarella, daily-made sauce, hand-ground parmesan and basil leaves picked from the window plants and snipped with a scissors. Loyalists consider DiFara's the best pizza on earth.
Grimaldi's - Brooklyn , NY
A great location under the Brooklyn Bridge. The pizza crust is delicious -- a good balance of crunchy and chewy with faint hints of charred flavor on the underside. We recommend sticking to the basics. The cheese is fresh, cut into slices and melting in pools atop the hot pies; we love the roasted peppers.
John's Pizzeria - New York , NY
What makes John's pizza taste important is its crust. Cooked in a coal-fired wood oven, it has a dough that turns almost brittle at its outer edges in places where it blisters and blackens from the heat; and yet just fractions of an inch inside that circumference, it has a wondrous chew. Nearly black and on the verge of ashy, the crunchy bottom surface of this pizza is an addictive eating sensation unlike any other.
De Lorenzo Tomato Pies - Trenton , NJ
One of the best pizzas to be found anywhere. The crust is thin. The cheese is applied sparingly; it's the tomatoes that take center stage here. The sausage is locally famous, added to a pizza in sweet, juicy, fennel-flecked chunks. The spicy pepperoni is hand-sliced to double-nickel thickness. Be forewarned: no bathrooms!

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