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Connecticut Pizza

When asked why we live in Connecticut, our usual answer is "for the pizza" (amended by mention of hot dogs, lobster rolls and ice cream). No state has more great pizzerias even beyond the New Haven / Neapolitan classics. This tour is The Essential Dozen.

Colony Grill
Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana of Fairfield
Pizzeria Lauretano
Roseland Apizza
Modern Apizza
Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana
Sally's Apizza
Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana of Manchester
Willington Pizza
Colony Grill - Stamford , CT
Pizza at the Colony Grill is ultra thin-crusted and it is brittle. Regardless of the ingredients on top, each slice can be lifted by its broad end from the circumference of the pie and nothing will droop. There is real character to this crust, and at the outermost edge, a luscious crunch unlike any other pizza you will eat.
Letizia's - Norwalk , CT
Letizia’s pizza is Neapolitan style, meaning thin-crusted, but not too thin. Around the edge, it rises in a crisp ring of dough thick enough to deliver a good, bready crunch; in the center, depending on the weight of the toppings, it ranges from firm to slippery-soft. The pizzaioli at Letizia’s make this dough every day, then top it with a choice of ingredients that range from anchovies and broccoli to sausage and sliced tomatoes.
Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana of Fairfield - Fairfield , CT
The pizza is magnificent, achieving that perfect balance of crunch and chew, the savory burnt edge, and the debris-strewn underside that characterizes Connecticut's super-soulful Neapolitan pizzas. One big difference between this place and the original is the waitstaff, which actually is courteous rather than New Haven brusque.
Pizzeria Lauretano - Bethel , CT
Twelve-inch pizzas with thin crusts are cooked in a wood-fired brick oven and they are very, very good. Pizzas are elegant, spread with good fresh mozzarella and full-flavored tomatoes (or not, if you choose a white pizza). Available toppings range from arugula to prosciutto to grilled shrimp.
Carminuccio's - Newtown , CT
Carminuccio’s makes not only four-star pizza, but also stuffed breads: savory loaves wrapped around such ingredients as ham or capicola, pepperoni and cheese, broccoli and sausage. Served steaming hot, one of these breads is a soulful meal every bit as satisfying as a pizza.
Roseland Apizza - Derby , CT
Roseland is known for serving huge portions. No one leaves without a handful of Styrofoam containers holding leftovers of great Italian meals that range from hot and cold antipasti to excellent pizzas to pastas of all kinds.
Modern Apizza - New Haven , CT
“Our brick oven reaches temperature in excess of 700 degrees,” Modern’s menu warns. “Some pizzas may blacken around the edges, and even lose their perfect shape due to contact with the brick floor of the oven.” Modern’s specialty pizza is the Italian Bomb, which is a joy to eat despite the fact that it totally overwhelms its crust: sausage, pepperoni, bacon, peppers, onions, mushrooms, and garlic.
Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana - New Haven , CT
At Pepe's, the greatest (and original) of the pizzerias on New Haven’s Wooster Street, you walk into a room with an open kitchen in back where white-aproned pizza men enact a ritual originated by Frank Pepe more than seventy years ago: bombs of dough are flattened on a marble table, clouds of spice are strewn in an instant, and long wooden bakers' peels are used to inject pizzas deep into the coal-fired oven. It is a hypnotic scene, untouched by time or fashion.
Sally's Apizza - New Haven , CT
Sally’s glows with old-neighborhood feel and the pizzas that emerge from its vintage ovens are among New Haven's best, ergo some of America's best.
Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana of Manchester - Manchester , CT
The third branch (the second’s in Fairfield) of the New Haven apizza mogul, this Frank Pepe’s location features a Xerox copy of the original Wooster Street kitchen and ovens. The dining area is bigger, so you’re less likely to wait in line for too long. The white clam pie is the same heavenly experience, and the service is with a smile sans brusqueness. Of course, Foxon Park sodas are always available—another reason why Pepe’s is an absolute must-visit in the Roadfood universe.
Willington Pizza - Willington , CT
Connecticut is beyond famous for New Haven-style apizza, but what about the hundreds of other pizzerias around the Nutmeg State? Willington Pizza has been a beacon to UConn students for decades, and their pizza is not to be missed. The bakery-quality crust tastes like fresh bread, and the inventive specialty options (especially their Red Potato and Seafood Combination pies) are sure to please even the orneriest palate. These are thick and crusty pies with toppings that explode with flavor.
Stanziato's - Danbury , CT
A modest storefront just off I-84, Stanziato's upholds high ideals of pizza cookery: wood-burning oven, first-class ingredients, and pies that are skillfully assembled, vigilantly cooked and beautifully presented.

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