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Cincinnati Chili

Texans, read no further! Cincinnati chili is nothing like a bowl of red. Each serving starts with a bed of well-cooked spaghetti noodles. On top of them goes ground meat sauce that can be a little hot and a little sweet with a distinctive formation of Greek spices. Usually, the sauce is topped with kidney beans, raw onions, and shredded Wisconsin cheddar cheese – a total of five layers, leading to the moniker "five-way chili." It is possible to order four-way (hold the onions) or ask for a hay wagon (hold the beans). Oyster crackers are a customary garnish. All of Cincinnati's chili parlors supplement their menu with double-decker sandwiches and chili dogs piled up like five-way.

Price Hill Chili
Camp Washington Chili Parlor
Blue Ash Chili
Price Hill Chili - Cincinnati , OH
A place to sample several of Cincinnati's culinary faves: 5-way chili, Coney Islands, and double-decker sandwiches. One house specialty is a wiener bun -- two dogs in one.
Camp Washington Chili Parlor - Cincinnati , OH
Cincinnatians are mad for five-way chili, which is spiced meat atop spaghetti noodles, topped with beans, cheese, and onions. Many agree that Camp Washington makes the best. This one-of-a-kind hash house features all the proper ambiance, including a great gleaming neon clock on the back wall and great vats of bubbling chili. The air smells of onions and spice; and by late in the morning the dining room is packed with cheap-eats fans who fork their way into plates of five-way and heft chili-cheese Coneys and mile-high double-decker sandwiches.
Blue Ash Chili - Cincinnati , OH
As the name suggests, Blue Ash is a chili parlor; and it is a great chili parlor, among the elite in a city where chili is a passion. A layered plate of 3 to 5 way is a beautiful thing. The chili meat is dark and resonant, not too spicy but with complex character; and the spaghetti noodles are always fork-friendly: not too long, and squiggly enough that they stay on the tines of a fork with virtually no slippage.

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