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Horseshoes of Springfield, Illinois

Although the horseshoe is technically an open-face sandwich, it is so big and profuse that it deserves a category of its own. Lunch and supper shoes are piled up with hamburgers, pork tenderloins, fried chicken, whitefish, or even just vegetables along with about a kilo of French fries and a flood of cheese sauce. Breakfast shoes contain bacon or sausage and hash browns, as a substitute or supplement for the cheese sauce, plenty of cream gravy. Invented in Springfield at the Leland Hotel in 1928, the horseshoe has remained a Springfield specialty. Its original resemblance to equine footwear (French fries were the shoeing nails) is lost in the past and under mountains of ingredients.

Charlie Parker's
D'Arcy's Pint
D & J Cafe
Charlie Parker's - Springfield , IL
Charlie's is an out-of-the-way Quonset hut diner that goes back decades but has only recently been given a spiffy-kitschy 1950s interior makeover that includes plenty of glass bricks, neon, and chrome-banded stools at the counter. Specialties of the house include huge pancakes and Springfield's signature dish, the horseshoe.
D'Arcy's Pint - Springfield , IL
A family-friendly pub specializing in over-the-top horseshoe sandwiches made with French fries, cheese sauce, and any or all kinds of meaty (and vegetabley) toppings.
D & J Cafe - Springfield , IL
D&J is an inconspicuous cafe that serves one of the best horseshoe sandwiches in Springfield, Illinois. Regular shoes as well as breakfast shoes are available for three meals a day.
Ritz's - Springfield , IL
Ritz's is a cheap-eats diner where the specialty of the house is a Springfield Horseshoe -- a huge open-face sandwich/meal that can be configured for both breakfast and lunch.

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