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Mid-South Chess Pie

There are few desserts simpler than basic chess pie and, when it's made right, nothing better. A congress of eggs, butter and sugar with a dash of cornmeal and sometimes a drop of vanilla and/or vinegar, it comes out of the oven translucent gold; and it melts on the tongue into unadulterated pleasure. It is found throughout the South, sometimes in fancied-up versions such as chocolate-chess. This tour includes some of the greats in the Mid-South and in Texas.

Colonel's Mini Mart
Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen
Arnold's Country Kitchen
Texas Pie Company
Bryce's Cafeteria
Colonel's Mini Mart - Henderson , KY
Mini Mart fried chicken is as stunning as a bite of aged country ham: shockingly spicy, salty, crunchy all at once. The meat itself is infused with a powerpacked spice marinade of cayenne and garlic that penetrates to the bone and the crust on the outside is dark and brittle like the best potato chip ever fried. Dark or light meat, this chicken delivers a taste thrill like no other.
Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen - Louisville , KY
Cake and pie-eater's heaven in Louisville: a huge variety of chess pie, seasonal fruit pie, Shaker sugar pie.
Arnold's Country Kitchen - Nashville , TN
We piled our trays with hunks of fried chicken, whipped potatoes and gravy, turnip greens, corn muffins, and slices of lightweight but heavy-flavored chocolate pie as well as classical Dixie banana pudding with vanilla wafers in the custard. Delicious, from first bite to last! Arnold's has since become one of our favorite places to eat in Nashville, and a definitive meat and three eatery.
Texas Pie Company - Kyle , TX
The Texas Pie Company makes it easy to eat more because the pies it bakes are available not only full-size, but as individually-sized mini pies. The Lemon chess pie had a bright citrus flavor with a buttermilky cushion. The irresistible cake was strawberry: so, so moist and crowned with a heap of fruit-flavored frosting.
Bryce's Cafeteria - Texarkana , TX
Bryce's is a big, beautiful southern cafeteria serving more casseroles, vegetables, and sweet pies than most Yankees see in a year. For dessert: pecan pie, please.

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