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New England Lobster Roll

There is no sandwich more simple than a lobster roll: meat and bread. The lobster salad roll – for which the cool picked meat is bound in mayo and sometimes set upon a bed of lettuce in the bun – has been a Maine shoreline tradition for as long as anyone can remember. In 1929 Harry Perry, who ran a seafood shack in Milford, Connecticut, came up with a novel variation, the hot lobster roll, which is warm meat bathed in butter. It was such a success that Perry's restaurant soon sported a sign boasting that it was Home of the Famous Lobster Roll and his ridiculously rich creation became what Connecticut Magazine editor Charles Monagan once dubbed "Connecticut's greatest contribution to the world of regional cuisine." Most lobster rolls are made in a Yankee-style hot dog bun, the kind that splits apart at the top and has flat sides that can be buttered and toasted on a short-order grill.

Westfair Fish & Chips
Johnny Ad's
Clam Box
Bob's Clam Hut
Maine Diner
Lobster Shack
Red's Eats
Eagles Nest
Westfair Fish & Chips - Westport , CT
Westfair Fish & Chips is little more than a kitchen with an order window and a few tables scattered about to which customers tote there own food on cardboard plates. Frying is the specialty of the house: whole clams, clam strips, sole, scallops, shrimp, oysters and squid. Westfair tartar sauce is bright with lemony zest.
Johnny Ad's - Old Saybrook , CT
Open year around, but with a special appeal int he summer, Johnny Ad's offers fragile-crusted whole belly clams (or clam strips, if that’s what you prefer), shrimp, scallops, calamari, and soft-shell crab, all available either on a plate with fries and cole slaw or in a roll, which is a toasted buttered bun. You also can get a nice hot lobster roll: hunks of warm pink meat bathed in butter and nestled in one of those long, tender buns.
Clam Box - Ipswich , MA
The trapezoidal Clam Box is the place to eat the best fried clams on the North Shore; and since the North Shore is home of the best fried clams anywhere, these are the best fried clams in the universe. Get them piled high on a platter along with French fries and onion rings. You’ll get a little tartar sauce for dipping and some wonderful sweet cole slaw.
Bob's Clam Hut - Kittery , ME
If you are heading into Maine in search of summertime shoreline seafood, the first important stop is just over the New Hampshire border: Bob's Clam Hut, where deep-fried seafood, arrayed in toasted rolls or in cornucopic seafood baskets is the specialty of the house. The aroma surrounding this sprawling clamatorium is car-culture bliss: hot oil bubbling in fry kettles that yield gorgeous tan gnarled whole-belly clams, pillowy scallops, crisp shrimp, snowy-fleshed fish and chips, and some of the crustiest onion rings anywhere along the shore.
Maine Diner - Wells , ME
One of America's great diners -- source of such Downeast dishes as lobster pie and Indian pudding, but also of classic blue-plate specials. Not to be missed: the buttery seafood chowder.
Lobster Shack - Cape Elizabeth , ME
Here is the most dramatic possible setting for lobster-eating – the water's edge, framed by a pair of lighthouses at the entrance to Casco Bay. A restaurant has perched here since the 1920s, and while you might find better fried clams and lobster rolls along the coast, you will find no more inspired place to eat them than at one of the picnic tables marshaled on a flat patch of sandy land between the take-out counter and huge rocks where the ocean splashes in.
Red's Eats - Wiscasset , ME
Many people believe that here is the best lobster roll anywhere: Heaps of meat from at least one whole one-pound lobster is extracted in great hunks and piled into a toasted split-top bun that is accompanied by a cup of drawn butter or, if you wish, mayonnaise to garnish it. It is lobster-eater's nirvana.
Eagles Nest - Brewer , ME
Located on the banks of the Penobscot River, well out of town down Route 9, the Eagles Nest serves Maine down-home cooking to a mostly local crowd. The massive lobster roll is one of the best lobster salad rolls we've had anywhere. And perhaps best of all is the extraordinary strawberry shortcake. The menu covers most of the home-cooking basics.

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