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Yankee Donut Destinations

A donut’s very shape is satisfying. It is complete, a whole circle, nice to lift and easy to dunk. Almost any recently-made donut from a national chain offers the undeniable satisfaction of sweet, deep-fried fat, but mass-produced ones cannot compare to the edible ecstasy of a fresh donut made by a master. The northeastern United States has more than its fair share of four-star sinkers. This eating tour highlights seven of the region's best.

Dottie's Diner
Coffee An
Neil's Donut & Bake Shop
Allie's Donuts
Donut Dip
Mrs. Murphy's Donuts
Marty's Donut Land
Dottie's Diner - Woodbury , CT
Traditional farm house chicken pie is still available: a small savory crust loaded with nothing but warm, moist chicken meat. The donuts are, if possible, better than ever. The friendly community feeling so essential to the soul of a diner is thriving.
Coffee An - Westport , CT
These donuts, with a semi-crunchy sugar coat, are devil's-food dark; heavy, moist, chocolaty and high on the grease chart, in other words, impossible to stop eating. We also really like the plain cake donuts and the cinnamon-coated ones, each of which has a fine crunchy exterior.
Neil's Donut & Bake Shop - Yalesville , CT
While the glazed donuts are fine, it's the old-fashioned ones that are tongue-dazzling. They are thick and cakey with a wicked exterior crunch and insides infused with the unctuous savor of the oil in which they have been fried. Early in the morning, when they're still warm, they virtually melt in your mouth.
Allie's Donuts - North Kingstown , RI
Rhode Island's premier donut shop, where the variety is endless, including terrific honey-dipped and glazed crullers, and mighty jelly sticks. No place to eat here; all business is take out. Many people dine off their dashboards in the parking lot.
Donut Dip - East Longmeadow , MA
A longtime Roadfood favorite, Donut Dip makes incredible donuts indicative of New England’s finest donut shops. In addition to superior cake, raised, jelly-filled, and iced varieties, Donut Dip also cooks apple cider donuts for a nearby orchard, and their crunchy crusts and creamy interiors raise expectations to an art form.
Mrs. Murphy's Donuts - Manchester Center , VT
Forget about the national chains. Once you’ve had a real sinker at the counter of this storefront coffee shop, you can never go back to junk-food donuts. They are the simplest pastries imaginable: sturdy circles with a good crunch to their skin and creamy-soft insides.
Marty's Donut Land - Ipswich , MA
Marty’s is acozy coffee shop that makes big, hefty donuts. They include the Yankee classic, a “honey dew,” which is a simple raised, glazed sinker with a substantial sweet cake texture that is perfect for dunking, as well as a “honey dipped,” which is a airy raised round of which we easily eat half a dozen with a few of cups of coffee.

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