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Posted by Michael Stern on Thursday, December 20, 2012 4:40 PM

Mark Johnson has informed me that December 22, 2012 will be the last day for The Farmer's Kitchen of Atlantic, Iowa ( review). Health concerns for both himself and his mom, Charlene, force the closing. It is a sad day in the food world, for this restaurant quickly became a culinary beacon unlike any other -- one of the great Roadfood restaurants, anywhere, any time. We thank Mark and Charlene for the unique and exemplary place they created, and lament its closing ... but sincerely wish them a swift and happy recuperation. Mark says they are planning to see us all in New Orleans in the Spring at Foodfest: America's Hometown Eats.


Oh no! So sorry to hear about the closing of this great Roadfood restaurant, but especially for the health concerns of Mark and Charlene. They are such wonderful people. This place will really be missed.
Posted by buffetbuster on Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 8:31 AM

Very sad news. I had a fantastic meal the one time I visited. A real gem of a restaurant. Best wishes to Mark and Charlene.
Posted by Pigiron on Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 11:12 AM

Oh no!!!!! And I never even got to sample their sour cream raisin pie! Many well wishes for the good health of Mark and Charlotte.
Posted by will_work_4_bbq on Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 3:39 PM

Although I'll miss the Roadfood icon, Farmer's Kitchen and their fabulous sour cream raisin pie, I wish nothing but good things for Mark and Charlene and will be sending positive thoughts their way
Posted by wanderingjew on Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 7:20 PM

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