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Posted by Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 12:20 AM

Warning, and we're serious: unless you are within a day's drive of Texas Hill Country, or you are a vegetarian, do not under any circumstances view the above video on an empty stomach.

Steve Dolinsky joins some friends for a three day itinerary of Texas Hill Country barbecue (with a detour for Round Rock donuts [see the review], just like we did on the Roadfood Hill Country tour a few years back). Brisket, short ribs, prime rib, pork ribs, coarse-ground sausage, even turkey... it's all here, and it looks amazing. Best In Show? Franklin Barbecue in Austin!

The reviewed Q specialists among the nine:

Southside (see the review)
Kreuz (see the review)
Smitty's (see the review

Source: Steve Dolinsky


The bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats I ate right before viewing did little to curb my drooling! Great video, photos and narrative!!! I've never craved barbecue more in my life!
Posted by billyboy on Tuesday, Oct 9, 2012 4:21 PM

I live in Dallas. So close yet, so far, dammit!
Posted by Twinwillow on Tuesday, Oct 9, 2012 6:51 PM

Looks like the Chicago boys were on a little roadtrip! I loved the cheese with the meats, big hunks of cheddar and the pit ham they had...great! Brought on the meat sweats!
Posted by ChiTownDiner on Tuesday, Oct 9, 2012 8:42 PM

Gregg, do you know those guys? And is Smoque as good as people say?
Posted by Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle on Tuesday, Oct 9, 2012 9:50 PM

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